Ship from Vietnam to Europe

Ship from Vietnam to Europe

Lowest Rate Guaranteed

Lowest Rate Guaranteed

All-In Rate. No Surprises

EZ Ship Air is a shipping service from Vietnam to 15 countries in Europe. It works like a regular express courier service, with the same speed and delivery times, less the high shipping rates associated with expedited shipping.
This service caters to multinational corporations, local manufacturers, Amazon sellers and tourist alike. When you want to ship in bulk and find express rates prohibitive, yet need to quick delivery times from point to point, this service is right for you.
The outstanding advantage of EZ Ship Air is that it offers an all inclusive shipping rate from Vietnam-to-Door including Customs Clearance Fees and Import & Export Tax, at both origin and destination.
Just like express courier service, our service offers real time tracking for all shipments so you can stay up to date with the delivery progress. Never miss a moment with real-time Track & Trace.
With EZ Ship Air, expect to your shipments to cut through the hassles and delays with commercial shipping and yet save more with our significantly lower rates that will keep you coming back for more.


  • Inclusive of Shipping & Delivery to Door

  • Inclusive of Customs Clearance Fees

  • Inclusive of Import & Export Tax

  • Inclusive of Fuel Surcharge

  • Real Time Track & Trace

  • Simple documentation and process

  • English Speaking Customer Service

Delivered Fast

From 5 to 7 days across Europe

Don’t take our word for it

Learn how EZ Ship Air gives you the freedom to ship more for much less cost and yet enjoy the same expedited shipping time as international couriers.
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“Finally, a shipping service that doesn’t cost a fortune. It’s shocking how much we saved shipping with EZ Ship. Friendly, English speaking staff. Never had a problem. We drop off and it gets delivered.”

Mathis Beauchene, DKG Vietnam Co. Ltd

Max Weight 40kgs

The weight of 1 piece of package must not exceed 40kgs

Take Note

Overweight package will be rejected

Max Height + Width

The total dimension of (Height + Width) * 2 must not exceed 300cm

Take Note

Oversized package will be rejected

Max Edge 120cm

The longest edge on any side must not exceed 120cm

Take Note

Oversized package will be rejected

Additional Services

You don’t need to be here to get your parcels collected from your suppliers. Let us liaise and coordinate on your behalf.
Send parcels from one or more suppliers directly to Whitebox. We will receive and consolidate your parcels for shipping.
Need visual confirmation on your contents delivered before shipping? Simply notify us in advance with your inspection criteria.
Don’t leave it to chance. We use the right protective and packaging materials to ensure your contents arrives as it should.